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October 21, 2021
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October 21, 2021
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Tavool Safety Glasses / Goggles Anti Fog

$ 19.99

  • High-level Impact Resistance, Protect Your Eyes from Injury – Especially made of military-grade PC explosion-proof materials, Our safety glasses for work are with high impact resistance and durability goggles are some of the toughest pieces of protective eyewear available.The lenses are strong enough to meet military safety specifications, protecting your eyes from hazards as dangerous as flying shrapnel in extreme situations
  • When Shoulf Safety Goggles be Worn – Eye injuries often occur in the workplace and home. When workers use stud finder or wood moisture meter to finish their work, they are at risk of being hit by flying objects, debris, particles, etc.And if you are outdoors, physical objects are not the only thing that can damage your eyes,UV radiation can cause significant damage.Therefore, it is necessary to wear protective eyewear that provides the most professional eye protection
  • Anti-Fog Coated Lens£¦Enjoy High-Definition Vision – Are you still worried about wearing normal safety glasses that fog easily and reduce your work efficiency?Not worry at all!Our anti fog safety glasses contain anti-fog coating, the lenses are not easy to fog when exposed to water vapor. The breathable vents on the side to prevent your glasses from steaming up when wearing them for extended periods of time, keeping your vision as clear and comfortable as possible even in hot, humid environments
  • Light-Weight Design for Ultimate Fit and Comfort – The body of these wide safety glasses is made entirely from lightweight plastic, keeping them unobtrusive and light no matter how long you wear them for, and offering just enough flexibility to allow these safety glasses to protect any size of head.Meanwhile,large nose pad design, fit over prescription glasses smoothly.Please trust us,the ultimate fit and comfort experience is enough to make you forget the fatigue of your work
  • 3 Clear Packs, Meet All Your Needs – Why choose us? To meet your demand, we provided 3 clear version of protective glasses for your whole family’s safety. Transparent color has higher clarity for wide vision, better for work which requires light transmission. our safety glasses are light weight for all day wearing. These safety glasses are essential tools for your work and Iife