SNC Maritime Services offers a complete and sustainable shipping service.


Bunker Fuel

SNC draws on our strong market relationships, trusted suppliers, up-to-the-minute information and global reach to give you the best fuel prices and delivery options around the world to save you money on your bunker fuel procurement. We can meet your marine fuels and lubricants requirements in all the ports around the world.

Offshore Support

Offshore operations need strong support - at sea, onshore and alongside. With decades of experience in the world’s main oil and gas producing regions, SNC Maritime has the know-how and equipment needed to make sure even the biggest jobs go as planned.

Precise in planning and executions, our wide-ranging solutions cater to customers engaged in various stages of offshore surveys, construction, pipe and cable laying, exploration, extraction and production activities.

Services include anchor handling, transporting of construction materials, barge and tug support, crew transportation, delivery of supplies and provisions, emergency response, and more.



Marine supply / Procurement solutions

SNC offers ship owners and management companies a global “door-to-deck” delivery service for ship spares and marine parts.

When a breakdown means a vessel needs a spare part in a hurry, it makes a difference to deal with an organisation with expertise in both shipping and logistics. Equally, having an efficient supply chain for routine maintenance spares and equipment is essential. SNC Maritime Services offers ship owners and management companies a global “door-to-deck” delivery service for ship spares and marine parts. This specialized supply chain management service integrates the Group’s global infrastructure and expertise in freight forwarding, warehousing, supply chain management, ship agency, ship supply and marine and offshore support. GML chooses transport modes to match customers’ timing and cost concerns and takes responsibility for the entire supply chain.

Renewable energy

Energy drives the world: it lights homes, fuels vehicles and powers industries globally. Getting that energy to consumers is one thing. Providing a wide range of upstream and downstream support for oil & gas exploration, development and extraction as well as the burgeoning renewable energy sector is another.

SNC Maritime meets all those needs with its range of uniquely customizable shipping, logistics and marine services covering every aspect of the energy sector.


Performance management

We use digitalization and connectivity to add value to our customers’ operations. Our performance management system verifies compliance with rules, regulations and requirements. One example is compliance with the regulations that require the use of low-sulphur fuel when sailing in Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs). We actively monitor what kind of fuel is being used at any given moment and location.

Performance management contributes to:

Improved efficiency – We follow trends relating to individual technical systems, such as hull, propeller, engines and boilers. The result is qualified data driven decisions and condition-based maintenance.

Increased safety – Performance monitoring improves the warning criteria in the on-board decision support system for live warnings. It gives advice in heavy weather, route planning and in training officers for difficult situations.

Real-time compliance verification – The performance management system verifies compliance with rules, regulations and requirements in real-time.

Vessel design optimization – In-operation statistics are applied to our developed vessel designs. Our design team use insights from our collected data to optimize the next generation vessels, aiming for truly emission free shipping.

Shipping agency

Shipping touches everything in the modern world. 90% of the commodities traded worldwide have at some point been transported by water. SNC is alongside to ease the way for your vessels plying the world’s shipping lanes.

SNC caters for all kinds of vessels, from container ships, bulk cargo carriers, Ro-Ro vessels and tankers to cruise liners and superyachts; and all cargo types from grains, cement, steel, minerals to crude, LPG and chemicals.

We go beyond the standard ship agency services with an extensive range of complementary services covering global hub agency, husbandry, bunker fuel supplies, ship spares logistics, underwater hull cleaning and more. Whether you’re controlling an entire fleet or a single vessel, our comprehensive portfolio of services can be tailored to your needs.

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